Day 1


What are you searching for?

Like, really. Not superficially, but really, deep in the feels; what are you wanting for yourself right now?

Belief: “In order to change, you have to believe that change is possible.”

The answer to pain and disconnection; is of course, love and connection. So;

  • What are the reasons you’re feeling disconnected?
  • What are the biggest pain points in your life?
  • What are you wanting to align yourself to? Otherwise asked; how are you wanting to feel? (For example; free, successful, expansive, joyous, grateful).

Take the time to really reflect, and get clear. This is your time to intention set for your journey over the next 9 weeks (and generally for your life).

There are fundamental principles you need to know for this journey.


  1. Love is not found in another, it is a self-perpetuated experience.
  2. Love is your NATURE.
  3. Becoming complete with love is a process of aligning your heart and mind.
  4. Life is not happening to you, you are happening to life; the outside world is a mirror of your internal world; to reach a state of self-love is to see love (you) in all things.
  5. Evolution is happening, regardless of whether or not we are consciously participating in it.

Lesson Summary

Deep down, what are you searching for in life? To answer this, it is important to recognize that to bring about positive change, one must believe that such change is possible. At the root of any feeling of disconnection and pain is a need for connection and love. To continue on the journey to self-love, it is essential to take the time to figure out what you want from life and how you want to feel (e.g. free, successful, expansive, joyous, grateful). This book emphasizes the importance of recognizing the following principles:
  • Love is internally derived and not dependent upon another.
  • Aligning your heart and mind is the path to becoming complete with love.
  • Your external world is a reflection of your internal world.
  • Evolution is a continuous process that will go on regardless of whether or not you choose to consciously engage with it.

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