Day 5


With Perspective Comes Healing


Of course, it’s LOVE.

Aligning yourself to love and compassion opens the mind, connecting it to an infinitely broad perspective.

In life, we often hear that time is the only healer of our pain, when in actual fact it is what time brings that heals our pain.


Perspective is the healer, and with perspective comes the ability to alter our belief systems about a situation. For example, you’re experiencing a heartbreak, and due to the immediate circumstances, you may be telling yourself things like:

  • “I will never feel better”
  • “I will never find another person I love as deeply”

As time goes on, and the space that was once filled by the relationship is filled with new people and experiences, you begin to shift your view, and thus your beliefs around the experience of the relationship. As you open to other opportunities your heart begins to heal. This is because with new experiences, comes a broader perspective.

Now here is the shortcut. Love provides this bird’s eye view of life at all times. When in a state of love, you’re able to view things from a space of compassion, understanding, forgiveness, non-attachment, and infinite possibilities. This does not mean there isn’t an important process that must be moved through- there is no shortcut to feeling your feelings. What an alignment to love does provide is a focal point during periods of heartache and adversity, which allows you to move in a single direction, towards healing; without the doubt that you’re making the wrong choices for yourself, or digressing.

I’ve always believed that questions are the single most powerful instigator of expansion, transformation and direction.

The quality of your life is largely influenced by the questions you are asking.

One thing that I always remind myself, especially in regard to love, is this:

  1. Every question has an answer, and every problem has a solution.
  2. Love is whole. Love is complete.


  • What are the areas of your life where you feel your perspective is limited?

TAKE ACTION: do something that breaks your comfort zone and creates more space for a broader perspective.

For example; “I feel really limited in my beliefs around my health and fitness”

Empower yourself by taking an action that actively forces you to broaden your perspective, like go for a run or make a shopping list.

Starting small is okay. ( Radical action is cool too ;) ).

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